Our team of skilled international practitioners are experienced in urban projects at a wide range of scales; from whole new cities, towns and urban quarters to individual streets, houses, parks and squares, we deliver regeneration, renewal and new-build places that reflect our desire to build attractive and sustainable places fit for future generations.

We can help at all stages of the design and planning process, from concept design, development strategies and urban design frameworks, to detailed masterplans, design guides, codes and detailed proposals for buildings and spaces. We are skilled at synthesising and integrating large amounts of information and communicating it in concise, graphic form. We also advise on the ‘soft’ aspects of masterplanning and have written and illustrated numerous strategies to enrich and animate our placemaking proposals including public art, tourism, signage and wayfinding and community development.

Our role is often as lead consultant and we are experienced in the management and coordination of large teams of professionals. We also have a proven track record in the art of public engagement and can advise on a wide range of consultation techniques and strategies, including animating events and workshops and using new technology to reach a wide audience.