Al-Aredh National Park, Riyadh

BW International have been commissioned by the Governor of the Central Region of Saudi Arabia to produce a concept and management plan for the Al Aredh National Park, a 4,100 km² land holding to the west of the Capital City of Riyadh. The initiative, initially proposed by the BW Indexa team as a natural continuum for the highly successful Wadi Hanifah scheme which has been developed by the Arriyadh Development Authority over the past decade. The study area contains a vast range of landscape types, from the fragile Acacia valley in the north to the majestic Al Aredh escarpment. It includes the full catchment basin of the Wadi Hanifah and includes many established heritage and leisure assets such as KAIG and the ancient settlement of Dirriyah. The commission includes landscape planning, architectural, ecological, visual impact, archaeological and park management inputs as well as stormwater, infrastructure and related technical studies.